Tirta Empul Water Temple

Tirta Empul Temple is a Hindu temple near the town of Tampaksiring. The Indonesians call it "Pura Tirta Empul.” The temple is famous for its holy water, which draws both tourists and Balinese Hindus to the temple for purification. There is a pond inside the temple which produces fresh water from a spring. This water is considered holy by many. in fact, the expression Tirta Empul means Holy Spring in Balinese.

Dedicated to Vishnu, a Hindu god, the temple has been there since 962 A.D. and is constructed on what was previously a large spring. The name is derived from the original name for the water-source, Tirta Empul. Because it is a Hindu spiritual site, intended for holy cleansing, visitors are encouraged to be aware of the hallowed reverence Hindu’s feel for the temple. That said, it is open to the public.

Visitors to the temple do so often for the healing powers believed to exist in the holy water that is collected there. A large rectangular pond is the centerpiece of this healing place, where 13 spouts of spring water endlessly flow into the stone pond. When you visit, you’ll see that everything around Tirta Empul grows, including moss, which grows on the very stones that line the temple. There's even an algae, which grows in the water and gives it a slight amber cast.

At the site, you can expect to find provisions for parking, food and beverage, shower, souvenir purchases, and money changing. There are available lockers, a small museum, and public telephones if you need them.

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