Tulamben Shipwreck Diving

Off the east coast of Bali, there are two phenomenal boat wreck sites, which house some of the brightest colors Bali knows: the tapestry under the sea.

The most popular of these two wrecks is the Liberty Wreck near Tulamben. The boat lies upside down just off the shore and offers so much to the explorer, more than the just wrecked boat. Sponges, coral, glass fish, and endless sea life for days.

In Banyuning, you will find another wrecked ship, believed to be Japanese. Just like the Liberty wreck you will be overwhelmed with the underwater world.

Plan to bring your dive log, a guidebook for identifying fish, and a good camera. There's no way you'll remember all the marine life you encounter at these sites.

Both wreck sites offer you the best of Bali's marine life. There simply is no way to catalog in this article the diversity of the ecosystem you will find underwater in Bali.

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