West Bali (Negara) Tours

The Western side of Bali is often referred to as Jembrana, which is the more accurate name, but if you ask for directions to Negara you will find yourself in the same region. This side of Bali is the least developed, and for that reason the least often toured. You cannot get here by any other means than a rented vehicle. Once you are, getting around will be either on foot or in your car rental as there are no public transportation options.

From a natural beauty standpoint, Negara has some of Bali's most untouched dense forest. Animal life here, much the rest of the island, is busy, but you can find some species of bird here that you cannot find elsewhere on the island. In fact, we can help you. Let us show you around this isolated part of Bali and see the side of Bali that not everyone gets to experience.

  • Juwet – Taman Cross Training

    Juwet – Taman Cross Training

    Get Started on one of the village call Juwet about 15-minutes drive from central of Bali UBUD ,  our expert guides...

  • Keliki Agriculture Walk

    Keliki Agriculture Walk

    Get the Real Bali with a smooth walk trough the valley of the Keliki river gorges and learning how the...

  • Morning Market and Rice Paddies Walk

    Morning Market and Rice Paddies Walk

    Experience two hours walk by visiting a crowded local market to discover how the Balinese trade products such vegetables, flowers,...

  • Payangan Countryside Trek

    Payangan Countryside Trek

    The best way to be in touch with the real Bali is you walk close in and experience the way...

  • Ayung Valley trek

    Ayung Valley trek

    Discover our unforgettable countryside in an adventure where you can enjoy the magnificent valley scenery of the Ayung river, lush...

  • Balinese Cultural Tour

    Balinese Cultural Tour

    Enrich your day life experience by visiting Batubulan village to experience the Balinese cultural performance of The Barong and Keris...

  • Balinese Lifestyle Tour

    Balinese Lifestyle Tour

    This beautiful day will take you to the furthest, and most hidden corners of Bali. I'll show you all the...

  • Trekking / Hiking in Bali

    Trekking / Hiking in Bali

    Discover our unforgettable countryside either on your own or let us take you on one of our many trekking tours....

  • Yoga in Bali

    Yoga in Bali

    Although we do not specifically offer any yoga tours in Bali, we would be remiss not to encourage you include...