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From the pounding surf to the fragrance of Frangipanis, the serene paddy fields and the enchanting temples, the bite-size destination of Bali means different things to different people. If you’re planning a trip to Bali, then you've found the right team to show you the Authentic Bali.

Our Private Authentic Bali Tours were designed for you to get the best out of your holidays. We take our guests off the beaten paths of Kuta and Seminyak. We specialize in tours that focus on adventures in the countryside.  These tours explore the rural life of Bali, allowing our guests to get in touch with the locals. This experience gives our guests a true understanding of what our culture and way of life is really about. However we also offer tours to beach areas of Canggu, Uluwatu and Seminyak.

If you are looking for an intimate experience with a personalized attention to your every request then look no further. Do not waste your time on a group tour. Can you Imagine discovering the true and Authentic  Bali in a crowd of twenty people on a big tourism bus? The answer is  " NO ".

Please see some of our activities and packages to get a better idea of what we have to offer. If you do not see something that is on these lists, that you would like to do, let us know and we can put a custom package together for you.

When you book our private Bali tours you will experience the REAL Bail - full of nature, culture and sightseeing - just what you want. Contact us today: contact@theauthenticbali.com

 Get off the beaten path and delve into The Authentic Bali.

Why Choose Us

We've been in the Balinese tourism industry for all of our adult lives, but we've been in Bali since we were born. Nobody knows this island better than we do.

We speak both Balinese and English, to better facilitate your firsthand account of Bali the way Balinese people experience it. You don't have to worry about anything when it comes to communicating.

Your time is our time when you are with us. Our guides will customize your tour to your needs to furthest extent possible. Please just let us know how we may be of assistance.

In general, Balinese people are known for their hospitality. That extension of inclusion in the Balinese traditions does not end with our operators. We know we are the face of Bali... and that face is smiling.

While generally speaking there isn't much threat to you when you tour with Authentic Bali. Still, you can expect your guide to keep your safety in the forefront of his priorities, so you can relax.

From the first time you put your hands on traditional baskets, to the last Balinese person you lay eyes on, everything that you touch and that touches you in Bali will leave you with lasting memories you will carry with you forever.

We know The Island of the Gods like the backs of our hands. We know there are other options out there, but we believe ours is the most personal. Come find out for yourself!

Our Staff

Our Standards


Get our customers as close to Bali as possible, without having to give up their passports!

It's not just the way we take thru the back doors of Bali, where you will not only meet the people, but experience the lifestyle they live... It's the way their lives will touch yours with authenticity. It's the food you will eat, the sites you will see, and the smells you  will experience. Everything will impact you.

You will see firsthand as much of the Bali lifestyle as we can fit into your trip, and maybe just a little bit more if we can manage. We know that when you leave you may wish to come back to Bali soon, but that this may be the last time we see you for awhile. We want every moment you share with us to resonate thru the days that live between now and that next visit. Don't worry. There will plenty more for us to show you

Don't worry. There will plenty more for us to show you!

Our Principles


At Authentic Bali, our tour guides will provide the five-star service at all times. We will make it so that for our customers, writing glowing reviews will be easy.


Everything we do at Authentic Bali will be 100% transparent. We will do what we say we are going to do. We will always do the right thing, even when it's not convenient.


Everyone who comes to Authentic Bali will walk away with more value than what they paid to receive it. It will shine thru in their pictures, their memories, and the lasting relationships they will take home.

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